split test

With the Shopify A/B Split Test app you can see which product image, title, and description sells more. All done within Shopify! 

See how your split test is performing with an easy to read graph that measures the difference in product views, how many times your product is added to cart, how many purchases are made, and what your sales conversion % is for each test. 

Product filter

Increase your sales by making products easier to find with Zyber’s powerful Product Filter. 

Customise the Product Filter to fit and look a part of your Shopify store. Filter your products by tags, price and vendor. Speedy real-time results never leaving your shoppers hanging with your products at their fingertips in an instant.

Zyber Shopify Product Filter
Zyber Push to Ebay for Shopify

push to ebay

Easily list your Shopify products on Ebay.com. Increase your sales without having to leave Shopify. It’s as easy as List - Click - Sell. One-click install.

Automate the process of listing your Shopify products on ebay.com. Save time and hassle by creating new auction listings from the click of a button.

Shopify + Trademe

Expand your reach with easy multi-channel selling! Create Trademe listings without having to leave the comfort of your Shopify store. Save time by creating Trademe listings with just one button!

Easily list your Shopify products on Trademe by automatically sending your product image, description, price, payment methods, and your shipping options to a Trademe.

Zyber Trademe App for Shopify
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