Sticky promo app for Shopify

SHOPIFY sticky promo

The biggest mistake Shopify users make... Not telling their traffic where to go!

When a user arrives at your website, they need to be told where to go. Especially if you have a lot of different products, collections, pages, offers, and freebies.

Use the Sticky Promo app to direct your traffic to the right place!

12 Promotional ideas

  • Promote a new product
  • Download free ebook
  • Join your affiliate program
  • Featured product or collection
  • Advertise a current sale
  • Most popular product
  • Start your free trial
  • Join your newsletter
  • Enter a giveaway
  • Show a 5-star review
  • Popular blog post
  • Question? Contact us

Add your text & adjust the size

Choose your shape, colours, and animation

Link your sticky promo to an URL

Choose if you'd like it to display on mobile



No coding required - one click install.
Promote absolutely anything storewide - free.
Completely customizable - design to suit your store.

Step 1 - Content

Here's where you'll add the content of your sticky promo. What do you want it to say? Customize the heading, subheading, as well as the size and style of the text.


Step 2 - Appearance

Now you'll get to choose how the sticky promo looks. You can change the shape, the position on the page, the colors, shadow depth, level of transparency, as well as the hover effect and speed.

Step 3 - Link

Link the sticky promo to a URL. It can be an internal (within your site) or external link (e.g. Facebook). Or you can even leave it unlinked to just display a message.

Step 4 - Mobile

Want your promo to show on mobile too? No problem! On mobile devices, the CTA button will display attached to the bottom of the users screen and will only be using the Heading text.



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