Volusion vs. shopify

Shopify and Volusion are quite similar in a lot of ways but also have big differences. Any one of Shopify’s plans allows you to list an unlimited amount of products, as well as unlimited bandwidth. With Volusion, you are limited by the amount of products you can list. You’ll also be charged monthly for bandwidth; this can range from $15-$135USD a month on top of your monthly fee with Volusion.

With Shopify, your monthly fee not only includes unlimited bandwidth, but it also includes an SSL Certificate (which requires no installation on your part), as well as monthly hosting. On the other hand, you get hosting with Volusion too, but not the SSL Certificate. You’ll have to pay $99USD to have that installed.



Doesn’t allow for product comparisons (can with an app)

Not able to set up variant prices (can with an app)

Can be costly if you aren’t selling more than a few orders a month

Not the best blogging platform

Limited amount of free theme templates available


Ridiculously easy to set up and start selling

Intuitive ecommerce system

Renowned for their 24/7 customer care

Monthly fee includes SSL certificate

Fully hosted


Charged monthly for bandwidth

Limited with amount of products you can list

Need to purchase SSL certificate

Abandoned cart recovery is through an app

Blog platform is an external application


Support 24/7

Ability to sell Digital Products

Fully hosted

Can compare productse

Able to sell on social media


Summary: Shopify vs Volusion

One of the most important aspects of ecommerce is to have an abandoned cart recovery set up. This feature isn’t included with Volusion, and is with Shopify (on middle plans and up), however there are apps that can be used to offer cart recovery. Another important feature that offers value to your customers on an ecommerce platform is a blog. Shopify’s monthly fee includes a blog, whereas a blog through Volusions is via a third party app.

Shopify also allows you to use email marketing straight from your admin panel, or even with an app if you would prefer more customisation with your marketing and control over email automation. Volusion does not support email marketing.



Choosing Shopify as your Platform to sell

With Volusion, although you’re fully hosted, you’ll still need to purchase an SSL certificate (usually $99). You’ll also be limited in regards to how many products you can list. However, like Shopify, you have access to support 24/7.

Shopify is known for their high quality care of their customers. Every store owner can contact Shopify by email, phone, and live chat if they have any issues or comments. The monthly plan includes an SSL certificate, and there is no limit as to how many products you can list.


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