Multi-channel selling

Expand your reach with easy multi-channel selling! Create Trademe listings without having to the comfort of your Shopify store. Save time by creating Trademe listings with just one small button!

Easily list your Shopify products on Trademe by automatically sending your product image, description, price, payment methods, and your shipping options.



  • Easily list your Shopify products on Trademe
  • One of the best Shopify apps available for free
  • No need to re-upload images or description
  • Save time, no more copying and pasting
  • Quick and painless Trademe listings
  • Don't have to leave Shopify
  • Multi-channel selling at it's simplest
  • Automatically send products over to Trademe
  • 100% free to use, no cost involved

With the click of a button

Choose your category

Listing is created on TradeMe

Your product is now available to buy


“Great app, quick painless intergration.”

— Vinyl Record Art Nz
“Looked really professional and well done, even though I had only made a couple of clicks.”
— Nailjuiceshop
“Great to help get sales.”

— Karenandnat


100% free!
The Trademe app is totally free to use.



How does it work?

The Trademe app pushes your product from Shopify to Trademe.

You can make changes to the title, description, and buy now price before you list your product on Trademe. You can select which image you’d like to feature on the listing, choose the specific category, select whether you’ll sell to authenticated members only, and what kind of payments you’ll accept.

Following on, you can then set your shipping details. Do you offer pick up? If not, list your shipping costs.

Variants do not carry through to Trademe as this isn’t a feature that they currently offer.

Does the app manage inventory?

No, the app only pushes one way - from Shopify to Trademe.

How much does it cost?

The app is totally free to use!

I'm not from New Zealand, can I still use it?

If you’re wanting to sell on Trademe and aren’t located in New Zealand, you need to contact Trademe for their permission to sell on their platform.

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