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Eight years ago, James Sampson and James Monk founded Zyber. They found a need in the market for websites that wouldn’t break the bank but still produced results. Through extensive research and development, the James’s developed a system that changed how users interacted with ecommerce websites.

By helping thousands of customers, Zyber perfected the process and system that creates a seamless experience while providing a solid website solution. Our team consists of experts that understand business needs and know what it takes to provide a high quality web solution and website service for businesses. This process allows our customers to focus on their business goals, while having peace of mind knowing that their online needs are being taken care of by ecommerce professionals.


Zyber was formed by James Sampson & James Monk.


Since 2009, Zyber has helped over 1,200 business get online.


Zyber is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.


We are a team of 15+ highly-skilled minds, and we are rapidly growing.

A team of experts

We specialise in assisting businesses of all sizes with efficient ecommerce solutions. We know that a well designed website is a strong marketing tool. We work closely with clients to turn their ideas into business generating web designs. Zyber takes pride in designing visually appealing websites that produce great results.

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